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speaker john boehner ready to do at the 11th hour. >> senate decided not to work yesterday. >> boehner has handed the gavel over to cruz. >> harry reid has essentially told house of representatives and american people, go jump in a lake. >> how can you hold the entire federal government hostage? >> i don't think you hear responsible republican leaders advocating a shutdown. >> begging for america to fail. >> we are the party willing to compromise. >> that's like saying instead of chopping off both your arms, we'll chop off only one arm. >> i am at only open to but eager to negotiations. ♪ after midnight we're going to let it all hang down ♪ ♪ >>> good afternoon. we begin with the only question that's ringing around the corridor with the capitol this afternoon. is eight hours enough to stop a government shutdown? with the countdown clock ticking, the nation is bracing itself for what could be the first government shutdown in nearly two decades and the deal is struck before midnight. the senate in session all of 20 minutes today before they voted to reject a house bill that would delay
of the best political ads i have ever seen. but for now, we begin with john boehner throwing down the proverbial gauntlet, about de-funding the obama care and sending it along to the senate. they ignore warnings from across the political spectrum, including from a man by the name of john boehner. >> and if we were to put obama care into the senate, we were risking shutting down the government. that is not our goal. >> in march, house speaker john boehner was making it clear shutting down the government to de-fund the president's health care law was not on his agenda. >> do you want to risk the full faith and credit of the united states government over obama care? that is a very tough argument to make. >> six months later, the speaker has reversed course. >> this week, the house will pass the c.r. that locks the sequester savings in and de-funds obama care. >> the question is, how did that conversion happen? after all, today's huge announcement follows months of dire warnings from a who's who of the republican party elite. >> it gives the president at the bully pulpit and a giganti
. there is a big group that john boehner will not be available to reel in and will not change their minds, it will be a lively discussion. >> i keep going back to this number, 1400, 1,000 people dead according to obama administration. 400 children gassed, they suspect by the assad regime. do the members not understand that that is what is at stake and not necessarily scoring political points. >> i think they understand, but i think they are more concerned about america, they are more corner kentuckyed about obama care and stopping it and more concerned about jobs, for them for syria to fight their own war. no one everyone agrees with that. but some feel very strongly about it and they are going to discuss it and their constituencies. and their districts. i am guessing they are taking the temperature of folks in their district. >> i want to ask you a question that you can speak to directly. your administration, the bush administration when you were there was criticized for not getting congressional approval for the war in iraq now the obama administration is -- >> brit sized bio bomb a. >>
the exchanges. once again we heard john boehner harping on the theme. >> the american people are worried about their job, they are worried about their incomes rising, because they are all under pressure, the economy is not growing, why? one of the issues is obamacare. >> we have devolved into the name calling portion of the meeting today. harry reid called them banana republicans. here is what he had to say. >> and every step of the way, boehner knew what was going on. mcconnell knew what was going on pelosi knows what is going on, but it doesn't matter. we are not going to mess around with obamacare. they have got to get a life. >> so the question is when the senate rejects yet again what the house of representatives wants to do will .john boehner put on the floor a clean spending bill, with the help of house democrats. a huge problem for john boehner, but it would work for just about everybody else. >> mike viqueira where will we be at this time tomorrow? >> i think we may be sleeping one off. there is a chance for a deal here, which would require house republicans to cave. we have certainly
down his sternest threats yet today. in fact, john boehner is going to come up with a counteroffer to the senate's clean spending bill. we have the latest from capitol hill just ahead. >>> and later, texas governor rick perry is going to join us live. going to talk about the shutdown battle, texas tax cuts and a new committee set up for him that could be a presidential springboard. >>> meanwhile, please don't forget, free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. i think free market capitalism is at stake in the obama care battle in washington, d.c. we'll hear much more about that tonight. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting th
, but he cannot negotiate with his own caucus. how does the president said down with john boehner and negotiate anything one whenever john boehner try to negotiate may not stick? charles said rightly if the republicans were smart, and i think i am quoting you correctly, if the republicans are smart they would pass a continuing resolution. what does that say about the house republicans? maybe they are not so smart because when john boehner came to them with the suggestion, let's ta our fight to the debt ceiling, they did not do it. they still want to fight over the closing of the permit and this budget over this continuing resolution. it is silly. >> there are a couple of things you could attack -- attached to a continuing resolution that the senate would approve -- the exemption of members of congress and their staff from obamacare. if you put that in the cr, it is impossible, particular for a democratic senator in a red state to vote against that because it looks and it is extremely unfair. another possible thing, and it is riskier, is to have a one- year delay in the individual
-called rule is a self- imposed rule by republicans themselves, and john boehner is the one observing that rule. he ought not to do that, but he is in an awful position. he has week after week, day after day, ad nauseam, said that the president has to negotiate with us, but he cann negotiate with his own caucus. how does the president sit down with john boehner and negotiate anything when whenever john boehner tries to negiate may not stick? charles said rightly if the republicans were smart, and i think i am quoting you correctly, if the republicans are smart they would pass a continuing resolution. what does that say about the house republicans? maybe they are not so smart because when john boehner came to them with the suggestion, let's take our fight to the debt ceiling, they did not do it. they still want to fight over the closing of the government and this budget over this continuing resolution. it is silly. >> there are a couple of things you could attach to a continuing resolution that the senate would approve -- the exemption of members of congress and their staff from obamac
rate a majority of the senate. speaker john boehner is expected to speak any moment now and we're going to take you live to capitol hill. >>> a new disturbing report bolsters climate change and consequences. rising temperatures, melting icecaps, extreme weather. find out what it means for vulnerable coastal areas. >>> and in indiana, a foot brawl breaks out. who was fighting and how the bruising battle ended. >>> okay, house speaker john boehner expected to speak at any moment after his meeting with house republicans, and we're also hearing the house is going to vote today on a spending plan that was passed by the senate. we're following this story all over washington. dana bash on capitol hill, jim acosta at the white house, and gloria borger is in washington. let's go ahead and start on capitol hill. that's where house republicans have been meeting this afternoon. dana bash is there live. dana, we are expecting to hear from speaker john boehner soon. what's he expected to start talking about? >> reporter: he's expected to tell us formally what we have been reporting since last hour fr
. >> 230 and nays are 189. the joint resolution has passed. is laid on the table. >> speaker john boehner does not want to shut down the government. he has spent the last couple of months trying, begging his members, to figure out a way around passing a bill to defund obama care and shut down the federal government. he would have been open to one that didn't mention obama care at all. they tried to put one on the floor that just held another vote on defunding obama care. he did not want this. he does not want republicans to shut the government down and make everybody hate them. but as often happens these days, house republicans did not listen to john boehner and so john boehner, rather than fight his members, spent this morning passing a funding bill that defunded obama care and a straight face speaker boehner said this. >> we have a victory today for the american people. also a victory for common sense. >> yeah. >> senator baucus said it right when he said this law is a train wreck and it is a train wreck. >> yeah, great victory that i think is a huge strategic error, that kind of victor
leader harry reid is trying to place the game in the lap of john boehner. >> the fate of our country and our economy now rests with john boehner. tonight, we will see whether the speaker is really willing to shut down the government risking act on recovery. to extract concessions. i hope he makes a responsible decision. i doubt that he will. but i hope he does. and help avert a government shutdown. >> unlike many previous showdowns here on capitol hill, there are typically small groups that are working on trying to find common ground, trying to come up with a solution. what's been striking this time around is they seem to be talking over one another to the american people and not really talking to each other about working this out. jon? >> and, of course, republicans have a different idea about who is to blame, right? >> no question about that they say their constituents do not like obama care. this is the last chance to stop or delay obama care. in a key senate conservative, who has been quite vocal and quite visible in this whole standoff placed the blame elsewhere. >> if majority
>> good morning. i'm chris jansing. this morning it it looks like speaker john boehner is caving to tea party pressure. tomorrow he'll call for's vote on legislation that keeps the government running only if obama care is defunded. now that's wildly popular with conservatives, but it's dangerous in two ways. if the government shuts down october 1st, social security checks won't go out. government employees will be laid off, embassies will be shirted and not to mention the political consequences. >> and now we are going to let our party run into moving traffic against a red light. it's idiotic. >> i can't remember when a major political party did something like this, threaten the u.s. economy with a body blow that could kill the recovery. >> this is such a scam and we are there literally playing with the lives of the american people. >> i want to bring in "washington post" political reporter nia henderson and lois romano. good morning. >> good morning. >> it seems to me we have seen two john boehners. i want to play first what he said in march. >> do you want to risk the full fait
to applaud john boehner. >> we'll give him a fight. >> what he is set being up, it is stunning. >> the president is happy to negotiate with vladimir putin. >> legislative arsonists are at work. >> i expect my colleagues to be up for the battle. >> we'll let our party. >> we have 233 members all of whom have their own plan. gl good afternoon we begin as the nation hurtles towards a government shutdown with the right flank of republicans at the wheel and speaker john boehner casting the role of crash test dummy. right now all eyes are on october 1st, the day the government runs out of money and the day the uninsured can begin enrolling in exchanges through the affordable care act. it is the effort to tie the two together in a continuing resolution to fund the government that is sowing seeds of division. if you didn't think there was an intraparty house squabble, you ought to listen to john boehner earlier today. >> i expect any senate colleagues to do everything they can to defund this law just like the 140us going to do. we're having a fight over here. we'll win the fight over h
obama negotiating with? who is this showdown in washington with? and, yes, john boehner has the same job title that tip o'neil and newt gingrich had, but nobody, nobody believes that john boehner is doing the same job that those guys did. in that nobody believes that john boehner speaks for anyone. when john boehner says republicans should do something, or that republicans are doing something, nobody believes republicans will actually do that thing. in july, he said, hey, republicans have written a farm bill. we're going to pass a farm bill. they did not pass a farm bill. in july, john boehner said, okay, now republicans have written a transportation bill. i'm in charge here. i'm in charge of the republicans in the house. and so now we are going to pass our new republican transportation bill. they did not pass their new republican transportation bill. even earlier this month, john boehner said, republicans do not want to shut down the government. he said, we republicans have drawn up a bill to kick the can down the road and fund the government. we are going to pass our fund the governmen
they know will be shut down by harry reid. then it goes back to the house and then john boehner has a decision to make. does he shut down the government or put a bill that could get democratic support, which is the clean one and move forward, or is there some miracle hue deanny, something out of the mitch mcconnell hat, we've seen this in the fiscal cliff negotiations in 2010 that could avert the government shutdown at least for a week and we negotiate this further? that's what's happening here. nobody knows what exactly the path is going to be. i will tell you, tour'e, the fact they'll send the bill over to the senate again the way the place works with parliamentary procedure, it's difficult to see now how we can avert a government shutdown with the amount of time it's going to take to debate. things could change. someone -- the angels could sing and someone might be awakened and decide they don't want to go down this road anymore. things are not looking good for the government to operate at 100% tomorrow morning. >> i love the excitement in you, luke, peter, thank you very much. i
colleagues. >> ifill: the first of the deadlines hanging over house speaker john boehner and the rest of congress arrives october first, at the start of the new fiscal year. that's when lawmakers have to approve major spending bills, or risk shutting the federal government down. but a core group of house republicans, spurred on by tea party activists, are insisting that funding for the health care law now universally nicknamed obamacare be cut first. >> we've got to send a message from all across america-- to members in the house and the senate and particularly to the leadership-- we're not going to put up with funding obamacare. we've got to get rid of it and this is our last best chance. ( cheers ) >> ifill: in one showdown this week, tea party republicans refused to support a temporary spending proposal that would have allowed the senate to restore obamacare. still, boehner said today he's confident an agreement can be reached. >> we're working with our colleagues to work our way through these issues. i think there's a way to get there. i'm going to be continuing to work with my fe
house republicans and senate republicans. john boehner said very adamantly it is time forces and republicans to pick up the mantle. senator ted cruz that he will use all measures possible including a filibuster. if he does not do that, has he failed to live up to his words and his promises? >> whatever the senate does is going to be their responsibility. the first thing we have to do is do our job in the house. i would encourage all senators, i hope they would stand tall and represent and fight for the american people who are saying this is unworkable. we probably have some tactics over the last few weeks. i do not think any of us had disagreements. that is to fight for the american people who are losing the good health care they have. in louisiana families are facing 50% increases in costs. these are real, dire consequences. james hoffa wanted to pass obamacare. he has said that this law is unworkable to the point where it is destroying middle-class families with a 40 hour workweek. the president has said he wants to get the ladies of the law but only to the select few with
points today, we will hear from john boehner, he could move the markets even more if he signals a deal could be reached on the budget. we will see, take it from john boehner when he speaks. it pays to sue j. p. morgan. eric holder essentially shaking down jamie dimon to the tune of $11 billion. that is the new number holder is calling for an assessment of the mortgages to. jamie dimon at doj headquarters in d.c. right now. melissa frances is here with me for the whole hour. you know jamie dimon, you are close to the gaza. i characterize this as a shakedown. what say you? >> that is a fair characterization. let's look at the big picture. finance is the blood that runs through the veins of the economy, the lifeblood that keeps everything going. they are the organs in the lymph, the finance. and tap the financial system, not good for anybody. look at this in particular. i was with jamie dimon on one of the days of the financial crisis we thought market drop 700 points. he was out at branches investing and talking to people, keeping the economy afloat, being punished. they did things wrong
. what has the situation told you about john boehner and eric cantor? >> they listened to the members of the house that elected them. we have a very diverse congress on the republican side. you see over 230 members very serious. brought forward, a united our conference. it was a lot of conservatives that put these ideas together. we worked with our conference and a rate that i think that's only united us that you had a bipartisan vote on the bill. it will be responsible in funding government while also tackling all of the problems the president health care is creating. >> how many votes are there when this comes back? clean continuing resolution at the funding levels, how many votes, republican votes? speculate. going to they may take this bill. there is a public outcry going on. the problems that so many of the they go back do home and say they're going to keep it in place even though the president has admitted it is unworkable? back, andg does come there are a lot of legislative tools we have their debt available. vcr is one. -- th ise one. we willc make surer the health care law w
in congress often at the expense of john boehner and his efforts to find a way out of the mess. cruz has earned himself enemies in his own party. but in the vacuum of republican leadership nationally. yesterday on "meet the press" david gregory pointed out to cruz that polls show americans want the affordable care act upheld. and there's no protests in the street to do away with the law. >> the facts are becoming more and more clear. that obama care isn't working. every day that's becoming more clear. there's a reason the unions are jumping ship. one union after another is saying let me out. now, why is it that harry reid and the senate democrats are not willing to listen to the millions of working men and women -- >> wait a second. you're making an argument. i asked you a specific question based on the facts on the ground. my goodness, you spoke for 21 hours to make these arguments. you haven't moved anyone. >> the american people overwhelmingly reject obama care. they understand it's not working. the only people who aren't listening to the argument are the career politicians in washing
will not negotiate with john boehner, the president will not meet with john boehner, and john boehner is actually trying to be responsible here. >> john boehner does not agree with you, john boehner does not want to shut down, does not want to take this stand. >> you're saying i don't want to shut down the government. >> the speaker of the house is actually not interested in trying to filet up obama care right now as you are, he has a different view. >> i disagree with him, i thought this was the moment to do it, not have the fight. >> so what is the end game, congressman? are you willing to vote for a continuing resolution that comes back that does not delay or de-fund obama care? >> i am not, but i think there are enough people in the republican party willing to do that. that is what i think you will see, the first request was to completely de-fund the program. and we knew we were going to lose on that, now we're asking for a delay, which again, i don't think is an unreasonable thing to do. you know, your boss, tip o'neill, shut down the government 12 times and you didn't call him a terrorist.
of key republicans are on board with president obama's syria plan. john boehner and eric cantor say they support the president's call for military action. they're support coming just within the past couple of hours after president obama held talks with speaker boehner and every key national security committee. the effort to win over support intensifies next hour. john kerry and chuck hagel and general martin dempsey will have the first public hearing on the possible use of force in syria. the president is also making his case. >> this is not iraq and it's not afghanistan. this is a limited proportional step. it will send a message to syria and other countries that may be interested in testing these norms. >> president obama is confident he'll get congress to back his plan. others are pushing for them to vote. >> assad did it and hundreds of children were killed. this is behavior outside the circle of civilized human behavior. we must respond. >> this is something that the unites states as a country needs to do. i'm going to support the president's call for action. i believe that my
." an aide to house speaker john boehner says the speaker's office has received a white house draft resolution, authorizing president obama to use military force against syria. that follows president obama's announcement in the rose garden saturday that he will seek congressional authority for any punitive strike against seara. we have team coverage for you with nbc's richard engel in turkey and kristen welker, who is at the white house. we'll start with you, kristen. with a good sunday morning to you, where does the situation stand this morning? >> reporter: good sunday morning to you, alex. as you say, white house has sent a residenolution over to congre. i'm holding it here. it is about a page and a paragraph long. congress will take this up the week of september 9th, the president deciding not to call them back early because of the jewish holiday, harry reid saying he will hold a vote on this resolution the week of the 9th. the future of this quite uncertain at this hour, alex. lawmakers were largely supportive of president obama's decision to put this to a vote in congress. as
speaker john boehner wrote a long letter to the president, posing a number of questions -- among them, does the administration have contingency plans should the strikes implicate former -- foreign power interest? "is essential you establish on what basis any use of force would be legally justified an hour comports with the exclusive underting -- authority article one of the constitution." does the article require the president to look to congress? >> this is a question on which we have never had a ruling from the court because it is not like to adjudicate between the executive and the legislature. it is a constant fight. we have seen in our lifetimes. the war powers act -- no president has ever accepted it, but almost all of them except obama have lived within the limits. obama ignored in the libya operation. as a matter of priority, a custom you would like to establish, the president ought to go, and whatever you think of the wisdom of the iraqi and afghan wars, or you can not deny is the bush administration got authorization and majorities in the congress in old cases, and obama, in
. speaker john boehner speaking immediately after the whews saying that he will support president obama's plan, and he will call on his fellow republicans to do the same, but first this is what the president had to say just before the meeting started. >> the military plan that has been developed by our joint chiefs, and that i believe is appropriate is proportional, it is limited. it does not involve boots on the ground. this is not iraq. this is not afghanistan. this is a limited proportional step that will send a clear message not only to the assad regime but to other countries that may be interested in testing some of these international norms, that there are consequences. >> randall, it ahere's at this hour the script has been written. >> a very momentous day for president obama as he gets support from congress to take action against syria. the president said he will take action, but it will be much stronger if he gets united action, and this morning he's getting it. >> this is something that the united states as a country needs to do. i'm going to support the president's call for a
. on the house side, john boehner and eric cantor having trouble keeping their troops in line. where is this going? is hard to tell, because for the be over a cliff gop. i admire the passion and sincerity of those who do not want to pass a budget unless you get rid of obama care, but it is unrealistic in the real world. the only thing it would do is undo the gains republicans have made in the last year. i think it is a suicide caucus, and i hope enough of them will willze that so that they have a majority, even if it is a bare majority, to pass a continuing resolution. >> a longtime democratic representative looked at the left wing of its own party in the house and said, the problem is they thinks it's on the level. the world is as square as an orange. the problem john boehner has is he is dealing with up part of his party that are true believers. it is a passion for them. it is the mission they have. they do not have a prayer to do it. boomerang ont will them. >> the interesting data is that polling shows that while obama care is unpopular, people do not want to defund it. it is pec
in the house led by speaker john boehner. they put on a show after passing a continuing resolution killing obama care in its crib. it's a bill that has zero chance of becoming law and every chance of shutting down the u.s. government. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obama care. the house has listened to the american people. now it's time for the united states senate to listen to them as well. thank you. >>> there's also high drama on the house floor as democrats pleaded with republicans to abandon their kamikaze mission to dee fund the affordable care act. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt, without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. it could have no other intent. its purpose is clear. >> it is a blatant act of hostage taking. the republican c.r. also lays the groundwork for default on our debt, an unthinkable act. >> hours later, president obama himself delivered a fiery campai campaign-style speech taking aim at those in congress. >> we failed to increase the debt limit, we would send our economy into a
. then you have john boehner. let's role the boehner slot here. take a listen to this. >> we have a lot of divergent opinions in the caucus, and the key to any leadership job is to listen. and here during the gingrich era, had a plaque in his office, a management model. listen, learn, help, and leave. we listen to our colleagues over the course of the last week. a plan they're happy with, we're going forward. >> boehner had a lot more hair back then. >> the end of that thought when he said, we have a plan, they are happy with, that's his way of saying, i don't want to do this plan. know enough to know this is a suicide mission. and a suicide mission we're talking about, just to make it plain for viewers, what's going to happen now is the republican party is going to try to shut down the federal government tomorrow. which is stupid. >> i think it's a disaster and i tell you why. the first victim of this thing is our soldiers all over the world, both here and afghanistan and everywhere else. they're not going to get paid. now, can you imagine, you ask a young man or now a young woman to g
side? >> no, even as house speaker john boehner said, he's trying to find ways to avoid a government shutdown. some conservative republicans appear determined to stand their ground. >> the president is the individual who's talking about shutting down the government. the democrats in the house and the senate are the individuals talking about shutting down the government. we want to fund the government and protect the american people from a destructive law as it relates to health care. >> a house effort to defuse that crisis was derailed earlier this month because it lacked conservative gop support. >> the drama continues. steve, thank you so much. >>> new concerns being raised with the united states and russia securing now an agreement on securing syria's chemical weapons. how does this impact u.s. foreign policy and what about the president? let's bring in our political insiders, john, former republican congressman for new york, fox news contributor, former pollster for president jimmy carter, doug shaun, a former pollster for bill clinton. did president make things worse? >> well, i
country. gwen: what happens next, karen? >> what's now is i think all eyes are on john boehner and whether he can come up between now and the beginning of the new fiscal year, midnight, october 1, that's tuesday, with some kind of bill that could keep the government open. now, that's going to mean appeasing his tea party members on his side of the capital and also coming up with something that is acceptable to the senate. otherwise we're into shutdown time and ironically enough, the government would shut down but obamacare would proceed on that very day and enrollment in the exchanges would begin whether or not the government shuts down. gwen: it's interesting to me that this has been bounced back and forth, ping-pong ball between the house and senate that as we sit here at 8:00 on friday night, they've both left town. there's no all week long discussions and meetings that we know about trying to figure this out. >> what's stunning to me and i think all of us have covered these on the brink kinds of things is that there aren't many behind closed doors discussions at all between democrats a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,390 (some duplicates have been removed)